Fibrauto.com was founded in May 1997 by Arlindo Santos to address the lack of polyester component manufacture for the automotive industry in Portugal. Festruca was founded in July of that year to complement Fibrauto’s work with the manufacture of structures and body structures for cars.


To keep up with advances in technology, the companies adapted their facilities by installing a modern production line designed for productive processes with a focus on continuous modernisation and new technologies, invested in manufacturing fibreglass products by resin injection. Ser-Ertm was founded in 2008, completing the group of three businesses.



To offer solutions and products with a good price/quality relationship which ensure client satisfaction, aiming for continuous improvement.



»  To be recognised for the quality and excellence of the products and services we bring to the market;
»  To build a culture of innovation, constantly developing our range of innovative products and processes;
»  To ensure the application of legislation, standards and other regulations to effectively achieve our goals;
»  To create a dynamic of success, total satisfaction and motivation for clients, partners and other stakeholders;
»  To invest in human resources and training, which contribute to added value for the organisation and for stakeholders.